Solving Your IEC 61406 Needs

Flexible online solutions and API for generating your IEC-ID 2D-codes with ease. Simple integration into your existing product labeling process.

About Us: Oak Tagging Solutions

Unlock the power of digitalization for your business with our innovative Digital Data Chain solutions. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for small to mid-sized companies to streamline their operations and stay ahead in the industry.

We build on the robust infrastructure and processes provided by OakHost, ensuring the security and reliability of your digital data chain.

Our Services

Or services are built around the new IEC 61406, providing simple but efficient tools to get your business started right away.

IEC ID Validation

Ensuring the implementation of your IDs is up to spec is the most important part of participating in the Digital Data Chain. We help you by providing validation tools.

Online Generator

Generating 2D visual codes for your customers to scan is a vital part of the success of the IEC 61406 ID. We provide easy-to-use tools to generate them.

WebServices / API

Automating the process of 2D Code generation allows you to speed up the labeling process. Our simple-to-use API can be easily integrated in a variety of different processes.

Our Comfortable Pricing

To celebrate the launch of our new service we're offering a limited time promotion. During the initial period, pricing for our service will be free. You can experience the benefits of our digital data chain solutions without any cost, providing us valuable feedback. It's the perfect opportunity for small businesses to try out our service and see the value it can bring to your operations.

Get In Touch!

We would love to chat with you about your integration and future plans. We aim to offer full-scale IEC ID management solutions for your business, like generating unique IDs, managing existing IDs, suppliers and more.